plOpenGL Changelogs

Version 0.6.1

  • Fix: Makefile to install plOpenGL pack on Windows machines

Version 0.6.0

  • Update: plOpenGL to become a SWI-Prolog Package

Version 0.5.0

  • Add: glColor3ub, glColor3ui, glColor3us
  • Add: glColor3ubv, glColor3uiv, glColor3usv
  • Add: glColor4b, glColor4d, glColor4i, glColor4s
  • Add: glColor4ui, glColor4us
  • Add: glColor4bv, glColor4iv, glColor4sv
  • Add: glColor4ubv, glColor4uiv, glColor4usv
  • Add: glLightf, glLighti
  • Add: glLightiv, glMaterialiv
  • Add: glNormal3d, glNormal3i, glNormal3s
  • Add: glNormal3dv, glNormal3fv, glNormal3iv, glNormal3sv
  • Add: glPixelStoref
  • Add: Source Documentation to, and
  • Update:, and to become a module

Version 0.4.2

  • Add: glEvalCoord1d, glEvalCoord1f
  • Add: glEvalCoord2d, glEvalCoord2f
  • Add: glEvalCoord1dv, glEvalCoord1fv
  • Add: glEvalCoord2dv, glEvalCoord2fv
  • Add: Particles Example

Version 0.4.1

  • Add: glIndexd, glIndexf
  • Add: glLogicOp
  • Add: glRasterPos2d, glRasterPos2f, glRasterPos2s
  • Add: glRasterPos2dv, glRasterPos2fv, glRasterPos2iv, glRasterPos2sv
  • Add: glRasterPos3d, glRasterPos3f, glRasterPos3i, glRasterPos3s
  • Add: glRasterPos3dv, glRasterPos3fv, glRasterPos3iv, glRasterPos3sv
  • Add: glRasterPos4d, glRasterPos4f, glRasterPos4i, glRasterPos4s
  • Add: glRasterPos4dv, glRasterPos4fv, glRasterPos4iv, glRasterPos4sv
  • Add: glTexCoord1d, glTexCoord1f, glTexCoord1i, glTexCoord1s
  • Add: glTexCoord2i, glTexCoord2s
  • Add: glTexCoord3d, glTexCoord3f
  • Add: glTexCoord4d, glTexCoord4f, glTexCoord4i, glTexCoord4s
  • Add: glTexCoord1dv, glTexCoord1fv, glTexCoord1iv, glTexCoord1sv
  • Add: glTexCoord2dv, glTexCoord2fv, glTexCoord2iv, glTexCoord2sv
  • Add: glTexCoord3dv, glTexCoord3fv, glTexCoord3iv, glTexCoord3sv
  • Add: glTexCoord4dv, glTexCoord4fv, glTexCoord4iv, glTexCoord4sv

Version 0.4.0

  • Add: glColor3b, glColor3i, glColor3s
  • Add: glColor3bv, glColor3dv, glColor3fv, glColor3iv, glColor3sv
  • Add: glColor4dv, glColor4fv
  • Add: glCopyColorTable
  • Add: glVertexPointer
  • Add: glVertex2d, glVertex2s
  • Add: glVertex4d, glVertex4f, glVertex4i, glVertex4s
  • Add: glVertex2dv, glVertex2fv, glVertex2iv, glVertex2sv
  • Add: glVertex3dv, glVertex3fv, glVertex3iv, glVertex3sv
  • Add: glVertex4dv, glVertex4fv, glVertex4iv, glVertex4sv is a personal website dedicated to my Lisp and Prolog programming projects and tutorials.

Ongoing Projects

The Infected RL - Roguelike Survival Horror game written in Common Lisp and SDL.

plOpenGL - An open source project that aims to develop a complete cross-platform SWI-Prolog binding for the OpenGL, GLU and GLUT 3D graphics libraries.


Asteroid Wars - A space shooter based on the classic arcade game Asteroids.

The Invaders - A two-dimensional fixed shooter based on the classic game Space Invaders.

Final Hours - A remake of the classic game Missile Command.

Breakout - A remake of the classic game breakout.

Snake - A remake of the classic game Snake/Nibbles.

Pong - A remake of the classic game pong.


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