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29-04-2012, 03:59 PM

Welcome to the forum. It was designed to be a forum where prolog language programmers could come and be free of the nonsense and ignorance that is often found in other places.

Please read the rules as they were designed to protect members from illegal actions and bad manners. To post in this forum you must first register as a member.

The forum is designed to be friendly and not threatening to programmers who are starting out with prolog. It is run by experienced professional programmers who understand that learning a language like prolog is not easy, even if you are very experienced in other programming languages.

We hope you will enjoy your contact with other programmers here and are able to contribute your own experience to help others.

The forum is subject to an ever escalating number of automated spam bots that can register automatically and respond o the confirmation email that the forum requires. We ask new members to help forum admin recognise that they are real people rather than just an automated spam bot by using names that don't look and sound like random generated data, avoid email addresses that are commonly used by spammers and to post an introduction in the "Lounge" subforum so we know who you are.

This way we do not mistake new members for spam bots which we must remove very quickly to protect the forum and its members from spam and other ralated nuisance postings.



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